Good Morning

So here it is, I’m a blogger now. For the most part this will be something akin to an online journal until I implement something a little more structured.

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting lately and if you want to see any of that is where I’ve also been blogging. Life has been very much up and down lately, new dog, lost 2 cats, extra responsibilities and frustrations at work, followed up with other personal complications. Personal happy thing: REALLY looking forward to being involved in my friends wedding next year. I get to be Matron of Honour ^_^

I guess this blog will also be a little health related, I’ve been “comfortable” since my own wedding 3 years ago so it’s good motivation to exercise more and eat less crap. Axl the dog will also be a good motivation. Exhausting him is good, but I’m going to to have to work up to running in order to truly do that.

I’ve been running my Mary Kay business as much as I can with out burning our to try keep on top of home finances. It would be nice to do more of that and cut back on my day-job, as the neural exhaustion is starting to get to me. Also it would leave me more free time to paint, write and play video games. I’m fairly creative but not having any time for it has been getting me down lately, and the motorbike, I want more time for that too.

 It’s been wacky fun in my world. Time to wake up, Neo……



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