Pup-ernity leave.

So I’m on leave at the moment, not going anywhere, which is odd for me, usually as soon as I have time off, I’m going somewhere.  I’ve always had a bit of a travel bug, since getting married 3 years ago, We’ve been trying to go overseas as much as possible, not that it worked out as much as I’ve planned, but I’ll get into that more another day. I’m on leave to help our new pup settle in. Axl is 18 months old, but very much puppy-brained. He’s getting fixed today, which is why I can write this without getting licked as I try to type. Seriously, he seems to have this theory that moving hands should move in his direction and pat him. He loves cuddles, LOTS OF CUDDLES.


He’s 30.8kg of crazy dog, and I’m really glad I took some time off work to help him settle in. I made a joke of giving the boss a maternity leave form and ticked the box for “Special maternity leave.”  Funny as I was over the road a moment ago chatting to my delightful neighbours and they had noticed Axl and were congratulating me on becoming a “Mummy.” Thankfully also they haven’t been able to hear him howling at night. He’s pretty clever, he’s found the exact spot in the garage in which to howl that’s exactly under our bed.

When he gets home this afternoon I then have to try keep him calm for the next ten days. I’ve been told by the vet if he does get a bit rowdy that I can pick up puppy-sedatives. I’m hoping it won’t come to that, in any case, I’ve got almost 2 weeks off to help him settle in, and hopefully not bust a stitch after his op, which really is code for chill-out, watch Stargate, maybe try to write a little. I have a few stories on the go, and I’d like to finish one by the end of the year. Having said that I’d also like to read more.  So we’ll see how much I get done in the next two weeks. It’s a bit ambitious of me, but I’d love to get the garage cleaned out. I did a bit yesterday, then started on the BBQ area, and before I knew it, I’d filled the bin, so maybe next Sunday/Monday. Ideally I should be filling the bin every week. When we moved in almost 5 years ago I can’t help but feel that we brought so much crap with us and it’s all just multiplied. I’m starting to think that blankets and towels can breed….

Anyway, I need to think of something I can tidy so it looks like I’ve been busy when my husband get’s home, as opposed to “I’ve been sitting here watching two movies, then started up a fresh season of Stargate: Atlantis.” I do have a checklist, maybe something on that.


2 thoughts on “Pup-ernity leave.

  1. Yeah…when Vala got desexed we were told she would be very sleepy all day. Within about 2 hours of getting her home she was running on the back of couches.

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