Scheduling fun.

I’m the kind of person, that If you want me to attend something your best bet is to give me a heads up over a month in advance. It’s not just that I often work 6 days at the lab and then spend my Sundays running my business, I have a social group of whom I’m the self appointed alpha-female. I’m controlling in nature and thus like to be in control of the effective communication of what we’re up to. I like to keep busy and thus plan many events. Less lately due to in-house finance being a little tight and scheduling conflicts with other members of the group, and me trying to “over-run” my business. These few days off have really illustrated how burnt-out I am. It’s that old thing.

All work and no play make me a dull girl. See how much fun I used to be:Image

So here’s to scheduling more play, I’ve already been in the works trying to organise a dinner party with some friends from uni, one of which is also a super scheduler and getting her a month in advance is the best plan. We used to have monthly movie nights, so I’m starting that up again, when I announced it a lot of my friends were pretty happy about this. We’re also talking about split movie nights, as I’m a horror fan as are some of the gang, so we’ll watch a horror and those less inclined will be set up with entertainment downstairs and we can all go for dinner at “intermission” together. Even with out all the events I plan, I feel like I’m in high demand fairly often. (If I were to sit with a psychologist I’d probably be diagnosed with an over-estimated perception of self-importance.)

The thing I love most about my business is that it combines social with work, I get to meet new people, and most of the clients booking parties at the moment are from my inner circles, and I love that I feel like I’m helping the household, when really I’m hanging out with girlfriends chatting about skincare and make-up.


*Shameless promotion of the Art of Nature Collection*

In my busy lifestyle I’m also trying to make more of an effort to make time for me, and now that I have Axl I need to make time for him and include him in my downtime, like right now, laptop in the lounge, watching Grey’s Anatomy, he’s here chillin out too.

So balance then. I guess this is about balance.



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