6 things

One of the first things I learned when I first joined MK over 8 years ago was the list of 6 things and it’s very basically “6 things you’re going to accomplish today.”  They’re simple things, I like to split mine half personal half business, and if nothing else it ensures that I feel like I’ve done something useful with my day. Sometimes it’s lame things like clean the bathroom, today’s list has things like: make Peanut butter fudge, Walk the dog and return a DVD. Now it’s pissing down rain here, so I’ll probably have to get out the snow jacket to take Axl out later today, but it’s on the list, so that means I have to make an effort to schedule it into my day, after yesterday’s post I should put a half hour of dance down as #7. Yesterday I had 3 green sand crabs in the fridge, and cooking them was item #1. (Sand crabs for breakfast are awesome by the way, I believe in decadence.) Simple things, but then at least you feel like you’ve accomplished something, and with that here’s the quote of the day:

You can recycle just about anything, except wasted time, once it’s gone you can’t take it back or turn it into anything else.


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