ImageWe do a lot of movie nights at our place. As the self appointed head of the social club, I choose pretty much all the movies, and we’ve been running them for over 3 years now. That’s a lot of movies. Movie night was born for 2 reasons. #1. My husband and I had bought our house and were saving up for the wedding, so we were intending to have a lot of “cheap nights in.” #2. At a party at our place one of our friends had a girlfriend who admitted to having never seen a Star Wars movie…… Not acceptable. I decided it was my responsibility to re-educate her. Our adorable friends came along for the ride.

This weekend was a long weekend in Australia, so I had an ambitious plan. All 8 of the Harry Potter films. I was due to get home from work at 3pm on Saturday. So we’d start at 4pm and go through till 1am (end of Movie #3) then resume in the morning and go all day.

…….It didn’t work out that way. I was involved in running some urgent reports at the lab so I didn’t get home till 4pm, but that’s ok, cos everyone else was running late. It was after 5:30 before we got started, which changed the “grab dinner schedule.”  We only got 2 movies in and then most people were disincline to come back for the other 6 movies. I resumed as scheduled in the morning and it all wrapped up just before 11pm last night. In discussion with other club members we may still finish the Potter movies as a group, planning to do two at a time. Maybe by the time we get back to 7 I’ll have finished reading the books. See, that’s the other thing, I always promised myself I wouldn’t watch 7 until I’d finished the books. I was planning to re-read them from the start after I finished Cloud Atlas, and I’m still 2 sections from the end of that, but the Potter books are on my night-stand so here’s hoping I find that kind of spare time. ^_^


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