Something to look forward to!

I’ve always had this thing, that if there’s no escape on the horizon, and all there is in the distance is the day-in-day-out of work, I go a little crazy…I become a mean person, I snap and snarl and send less-than-polite emails at work (Thank goodness my boss has a good sense of humour.) It’s not pretty. Until 8am this morning the only reprieve in sight in my calendar was not a leisurely one, so I said to my work-bestie, “I owe you one, and it’s time I came through on what I owe.” Now, I won’t go into the how or why, just that I love this girl, so I’m planning on coming through in an epic way.

Challenge accepted

I’ve spent the night planning drive times and what hotels in the network I’m in, will suit our needs best.  The first need on the agenda, #1 a fine bottle of wine, so 9 hours straight down to Hunter Valley. #2 location to chill, drink said wine and read, 5 hours up to Port Macquarie, #3 iconic attraction, BIG BANANA, Coffs harbour…. having said that we might just drink wine and read books in Coffs…. Dunno, will ask the lady in question tomorrow, but yeah, there is light at the end of the tunnel once more! I’m excited!


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