Busy, Busy.

I don’t know how apparent it has been from my Twitter, but I’ve been crazy busy lately, not only has work been out of control, but I’ve also been a dirty little fun-haver. When I have periods of prolonged anger or tension, I seem to store it all in my shoulders and this results in muscle inflammation and it starts pressing on nerves. That leads to blinding headaches. usually before I am in need for hardcore painkillers I can get smaller less horrible garden variety headaches, and they’re the warning signals to seek professional attention.

The one that kept me home from work today hit at about 4pm on the Sunday afternoon, and I can’t help but think that it ruined my hardcore fun weekend. I was out Thurs, Fri and Saturday nights, worked Saturday morning, had social hang-outs on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, and spent massive amounts of time in three separate shopping centres.

So I was fine, right up until 4pm, and it escalated, so I did, what I think was the single most sensible thing ever. I called in sick to work and got my neck, shoulders and head down to the chinese medicine folks for some acupuncture, cupping and massage. The fog is lifting, I will be ok for work tomorrow I think… Still going to get another early night.

I’ve had headache problems my whole life, and MRIs and CatScans reveal nothing everytime, but since I was about 12, acupuncture, and that’s my thing now.

Anyone else have any tried and tested remedies they swear by?


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