What to wear?

After I put this up, I’ll be extracting myself from the couch and making myself presentable. I have something to go to, and I shouldn’t have given it so much thought, except I’m truly perplexed about the dress code.  I’m not sure if it’s an actual party, with a function room booked or something, or if it’s just “A few beers at the pub.” Option A: means cocktail dress, suit-y jacket, Option B: means t shirt and jeans. It’s fine for the boy, he’ll be in his “nice jeans,” and that’s fine for either. I’m a bit of a show pony and would happily go with Option A and know I’ll be the best dressed person there, but then, do I really want to go to that kind of effort..? Maybe boots and the galaxy tights? Ah the pains of self-importance are endless ^_^  I’m sure I’ll think of something. I could just go with this basic look…



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