Doing nothing….Gee that’s different.

So they say “The only thing you can’t recycle is wasted time,” and boy, I’ve wasted a lot of time today. Actually, make that this week, and it’s going to continue at this rate. Not because I want to do nothing, more because I have no motivation to do anything at all. I’ve been home a bit, which has been nice. I think after being so busy, and then having a busy holiday (which I didn’t intend to be so busy one) I’ve needed some nothing time. A week or so ago I was in and out of airports for work, and on the return trip, they cancelled my flight, but then it occurred to me that it was Friday afternoon, so I promptly zipped my laptop into my case and retrieved my book. Within a week I’d finished that book and started another. I haven’t really achieved anything since then.

I go through stints of not reading, and then when I start again I go looking for when I can have more down time, so I can chomp through all the books on my shelves. I have this terrible habit of buying books (and in box sets) with the intention of ‘now that I have them I will make time to read them.’ I tell myself this lie a lot. Kind of like, planning to do something with my day, getting a good start, then sitting down for just a minute then loosing the rest of the afternoon.

Maybe I should’ve made a list…. I’m kind of out of time to do anything now…

On the bright side I have finished a book recently… And spent quality time with the pup.



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