A month gone by.

ImageSo, August and September just kind of disappeared on me…. I can’t have been working too hard, my nails are in far too good condition. I’ve had a few health issues over the last 6 weeks and as such, (as recommended by healthcare professionals) had completely removed caffeine from my diet. I have absolutely no creative ability without it. Since being allowed it on Friday I’ve had 2 red bulls, a real flat white and a bucket load of instant. It’s nice to be awake again.
In my line of work being on the ball is incredibly important. More than maintaining the high standard I expect from my co-workers as well (mother always taught me to lead by example,) feeling alert and awake means I have the mental capacity to take my motorbike up a mountain. Not doing this for the last few weeks has been upsetting me even more than the fact I’ve stopped all creative activity. Today is going to be a good day! Would it be wrong to wake my husband up and demand we go out for breakfast? Well, it is still my only day off this week, so laundry must happen…. Actually, that would be a good way to time multiple short rides…. The sheets go on an eco-friendly cycle for over 2 hours….


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