All work and no play.

So in the beautiful land of Australia, in the glorious state of Queensland, last weekend just gone was a long weekend.
I worked 2 out of 3 days in it. I had a laugh when people I went to school with were sulking about working on just the Monday, (mind you, they had half days). As it is, this post is coming to you, or part thereof from the quiet and boring staff canteen at my work, that shut hours ago. I did hope to use my morning off better, you know, for fun, but I spent almost an hour in a doctors waiting room and for some unknown reason couldn’t get any internets. Then add an hour for transit and 30 mins to make sure the dog got at least one walk today…. I get about 3 hours a day, if I’m lucky…. And I have a heap of projects I want to spend time on the next few weeks…
Strategy: white board marker, window, list. Its crazy how much I can get done when I have a list to track…
Is anyone else out there obsessed with making lists?

And with that, it’s time for me to suck it up and go clean my bathroom.


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