Photo a Day; October: Week One

So I’ve done these before, just for my own fun, and now that I have this blog and am a little more active on Twitter I figure it would be fun to do it again. One of my girlfriends from the high school days started on Facebook yesterday, so I’ve been going through my camera roll on my phone for the last week and have decided I can catch the whole week up tonight ^_^

1- Something Colourful (Hard to resist, isn’t it?)


2- Light (These are my new PC speakers, they shoot water around, they’re awesome…. and very distracting)


3- You today (morning after make-up ^_^)


4- In motion (no show without punch)


5- Afternoon (tea)


6- 8 o’clock (Tea in bed)


7- what you saw today. (actually I see this everyday, I painted it with that idea in mind.)


So there’s the first week. If anyone wants to join in, here’s the link to FMS’s blog:


Ciao for now,


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