Dear Diary, A well spent weekend.

So I was getting my bake on yesterday, (Hooray for a weekend off) and I decided that my background sound of choice would be animated.

I decided on the 90’s comic based X-Men cartoons.

xcellI watched 8 episodes in between baking an apple tea cake for the Warhammer shenanigans that were going on downstairs, then preparing desserts for the Masterchef Bonfire, which ended up being my Pina Colada Cake, and Hazelnut White Choc Cheesecake balls. The day itself flew, I was hoping to get a lot more done. Mostly of the housework variety, but I didn’t get nearly as much done as I’d hoped. I did keep nipping down to see how the warhammer was going. My bosses sons were here, so it gave me a chance to find out how work drinks wrapped up on Friday night, I’d been there from 2:30 till 6:30 and they were starting to get messy. I guess that’s one good thing about living so far away, perfect excuse to not drink with the work gang. It’s just too much hassle. My, my I have been busy. After those 8 episodes I had seen a character that I loved in the movies, so naturally i started watching those, and then It was time to go out for flame-y goodness.

The Bonfire was a lot of fun, complete with fire brigade showing up. They just wanted to check how it was set up and that it wouldn’t get out of control. They seemed to know our host though, so no dramas.  It was a fine little dinner party. Good times, and I don’t think anyone was really drinking at all… We seem to be quite a grown up bunch, lol.

Despite thinking it was a little too muggy for a ride on the motorbike a girlfriend and I did just that. Had lunch at Samford village. I’ve been pretty slack with taking in out, but now that I’m more confident on it, I’ll have a little hoon on the way to work at least once or twice this coming week ^_^

And now, more laundry and X-men as Sunday wraps up. My motorbiking girlfriend is still here watching X-men, maybe we’ll end up out for dinner. I could go for that ^_^ The weekend is well spent and so am I.



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