The migraine hangover.

So, here’s something I thought I’d never end up doing a blog about. Until yesterday I hadn’t suffered the full blowout of a migraine in at least two or three years. When I woke in the morning yesterday, I had the general “hit by a bus,” feeling I get at the start of flu, with developing nausea. Within the hour it took to drive to work I had the headache overtake the other symptoms, and reached for the strongest pain killers I had on hand, which with my medical history thankfully were enough for me to suffer through the day. Emphasis on “struggle.” Unfortunately it was a long day, with the meds making the pain feel like it was hitting in waves, followed by an epic crash, and despite 10 hours sleep this morning I woke with what I used to call my migraine hangover.
The migraine hangover is super boring. TV in no more than 30 minute intervals. Same goes for reading and writing. Video games are right out. Too much to focus on, colours, lights, and that hurts more than anything. I’ve got a good day for a sick day at least. Not too hot. That sometimes makes it worse…
So now that I’ve got this out and my head is killing me again, its time to turn the screen off and hide in the dark for a little while… Any suggestions for brain gentle stuff to do after my nap? Besides puppy hugs?


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