While I wait here I thought I’d quickly do a blog about waiting…. Waiting for just about anything drives me crazy. Especially on a day like today, where I have only myself to blame. Meeting a girlfriend for dinner and a movie, and my work went a little over so if I drove home I would have had about 20 minutes before having to turn around and come right back. I’m book-less, laptop-less, food-less, and while there is food about, it’s very expensive cafes and I’m taking food very seriously at the moment. My recent sleep/health/energy issues may be intake related…
I have heaps of games on my phone, but I think its all the things I could have brought with me to do and didn’t that’s grating my cheese. Generally if I know waiting will be on the agenda I’ll pack whatever book I’m in the middle of… No books for L… I guess though, I have cleaned my car a little, I also think it needs professional help, and a proper bath. Maybe a shopping day, and I’ll try one of those places who clean your car while you shop…
Oh well, hope the rest of you are having a great day 😆

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