Re-invention of self.

So, Instagram has finally come to the party for windows phone…. And someone has already taken Nelenya…. As far as I knew, I was the only Nelenya out there for the last 12 years. It got me thinking about how fluid the concept of self is.
Am I still Nelenya? Is that era of my life over? I’m a sort of grown up person now, with a 5-6 day per week job/career. I’m not missing chemistry classes cos I slept in as a result of an all night WoW raid… I married that “hot boy” I met when I was 17, I’m not a crazy cat lady any more(although I do have a crazy dog). My knowledge of science is used to help the population in my state, and I train others in clinical knowledge and scientific techniques…
The girl Nelenya was even 10 years ago had very different goals, dreams and priorities to the person sitting here right now.
So who am I now? Not a level 80 druid, that’s for sure. She got shelved years ago….
Maybe its time to move on from Nelenya… And if I do re-invent myself, what am I called?

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