Starting Fresh…

ImageA few meanings to this title.

a) It’s Monday, I’m a freak, I like Monday’s, or more accurately, the Monday’s that I have time to sit down and make lists. It’s a Monday I have some time up my sleeve, and I have a lot of lists I’d like to compile. (It’s Wednesdays that bother me…)

b) I’ve endured something recently that is making me change a lot of plans I had for 2014, so again with the making of new plans.

c) I’ve made the change and re-branded the blog from Nelenya to “The Life of L-Ball” It may chance again in the next few months, everything is still very fluid.

d) I’m 2 days shy of completing a whole year with-out consuming spirits, and during this year a 3 month alcohol fast and another 6 week fast.

e) and the most important thing of all, I’m taking some time off from being me, and despite moving on from “Nelenya” I’m very much spending time being that girl. I’m playing an MMO, watching a series and reflecting on my actions in a blog.

Let’s see how I finish out the year…. should be fun and appropriately lazy.


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