My Christmas Face: Lips and Cheeks

So I promised on Christmas morning that I would deconstruct how I did my make-up that morning in that wonderfully lit airport bathroom. I’m actually kind of jealous of it. It reminded me of my theater days, with all those extra bulbs. Now of course I am a Mary Kay consultant, on and off for at least 8 years now, so pretty much all of the products are MK, some of them may be out of stock, because I love all of the limited edition gear. So let’s start with the easy part.

Lips and Cheeks: Products

WP_20140104_001From the Art of Nature Series: Cheek colour in Pink Pearl. As you can see it’s pretty well used. When I do cheek colour it’s generally very subtle, and the Pink Pearl is definitely that. It’s a sweet girly pink, but also has a bit of shimmer to it.

Lip Products: MK Lip Liner in neutral, Lip Gloss in Celebrate (50th Anniversary Limited Ed.) and Fancy Nancy Lip Gloss.

WP_20140104_003So, here it is internet! The blank canvas, just foundation. Obviously I’m still trying to pick out the best spots in the house for camera lighting, so it might be a few weeks before I’ve figured it all sorted.

WP_20140104_004WP_20140104_005So, first I start with the lip line. I’m a creature of vanity, so I think I have a pretty sweet little pout. I do however sweep up on the bottom lip to keep my lips nicely rounded. I put up the Naked lips pic first so you could see the comparison.

WP_20140104_006Having the lip line decided on, I then fill it in with the whole lips with the Neutral lip liner, as I like the rich colour and if you’re in an airport bathroom you probably forgot your lip primer, if you have one. Lip liner will extend the life of a gloss’s colour, and if you do loose a bit of gloss on coffee cups and such the lip liner will remain a little longer.



I love the WP_20140104_008glossy finish of Celebrate. That gold swirl through it gives it such a pretty shimmer. I didn’t end up using the Fancy nancy, although I do like to blend my colours quite a bit. So there’s the lips. Feel free to laugh at my canines.


Cheeks: One product, one method. I do my blush the same WP_20140104_011everytime. Start at the top of the cheek bone, brush down.

Hopefully from these photos you can see what I mean, but shiny yet subtle.

The eyes are a bit more involved so that will be next weeks post. Look forward to sharing it with you!