Satay from Scratch.

So back in the kitchen, and inspired from the “4 Ingredients,” ladies I’ve taken a Satay Dip recipe and modified it into quite the delicious dinner. More importantly I used up a heap of half-finished things from the fridge and pantry. Here’s what went in:

Smooth Peanut Butter

Crushed Peanuts

Sweet Chilli Sauce

Ground Coriander Seeds

Chicken Stock

Chicken Strips

Bag of Asian style vegies

Jasmine Rice

I managed to keep it very simple, I’d give you volumes, but I have no idea what I used, most of it was “the end of the bottle/jar” or “few shakes, lick the spoon, yeah that’ll do.” So the first four went into the saucepan, on medium heat. I discovered that the coriander was the flavour-test ingredient for me(turns out I like it more than I thought I did). In the end I used about half the jar and it looked close to new, so at least 12grams. It could have done with more sweet chilli, but I ran out… When I went to the fridge for the chicken I found the leftover stock carton, it was maybe 3/4 cup, and frankly it stopped the sauce sticking in the pan. So that was a win.

WP_20140103_007   WP_20140103_008

Once the chicken was looking “pretty much cooked,” I poured the end of a bag of vegies in, cos you know, healthy. Next I got the rice going in the microwave, while the vegies cooked into the rest of the mix, et voila! I cleaned out my pantry, fridge and freezer of 6 space consuming items. Very much a win.


Looks pretty good if you ask me, and it tasted pretty good too. ^_^