Christmas Face: The Eyes


The Products:

Mary Kay (of course) Lash Primer and Lash Love Mascara (Black)

Eyeliner pencil – deep brown. (Not pictured)

Mary Kay At Playâ„¢Baked Eye Trio, On the Horizon.

Mary Kay Brush Set.

So here’s how I got started: Using the middle colour start by all over the eyelids and under the brow bones. As you can see from my right eye, I have a pretty dark natural undertone for someone who’s relatively fair. Using such a shiney top colour is a great way to deal with that. In the second photo you can really see the difference.


Now using the colour on the left I “coloured” in the “eye-ball” section of the lid.


The accent colour is the brighter purple, and the more of these I do, you’ll see I apply it in a similar fashion most of the time. It’s the good ol’ concept of “stick to what works.”

These shots still have a bit of “drama” to them, just a gentle brush will make them blend through, and you’ll see that in the final photos.

WP_20140104_018 WP_20140104_017

So then, Eyeliner, I only do the underlash line and when you see the mascara, you’ll under stand why. I love that second shot, cos it shows how pretty the blush is ^_^


So, Mascara! Pic 1: really shows the difference between having it and not having it, Pic 2: shows the simplicity of the lash-love brush design. I might do a whole blog on how much I love lash love….. Really, it’s awesome. Pic 3: So eyes all done, and my gorgeous earrings on, ready to go out for the day ^_^

WP_20140104_022 WP_20140104_023 WP_20140104_024

Also I blended the drama out of the eyes a little. And that’s how I did my Christmas Face ^_^