Recently in the life of L…

So, it’s been a while since I’ve done a”life” post…. I must say, doing the routine beauty and foodie posts have been fun! So for those of you enjoy my little adventures, here’s what I’ve been up to:

I’ve started a new Yoga class with one of my mentors from work, which I LOVE!!! My new Yoga lady Prue is an amazing person, very calming, but still you can sense the strength in her. I’ve been a barrel of nerves lately, and I have pretty shoddy core strength, so it’s been good for me in so many ways! and now I have someone at work who can verify that I can indeed be quiet for 90 consecutive minutes (while awake.)

I’m planning a lot of getaways. I have a Valentine’s weekend on South Stradbroke Is. with hubby, at a fairly lush resort/hotel, and even though I’m only taking one day off work for that after the fortnight that has just happened at work, (just super busy right now,) a day off to toddle about on the Gold Coast and her neighbouring island, can’t get here soon enough.  In March we’ve changed up our Wedding anniversary plans, it was meant to be a SCUBA location, but for half the price (which better facilitate the possibility of skiing later in the year) we’re booked in for North Island NZ. April we’ve planned a little “Couples Retreat.” Technically you could say the idea was my hubby’s and I just ran with it, the couple who were here at the time were all, “Sure, chillin’ on the coast before Easter? Why not?!?” So we just booked it, I wish booking a group ski trip to NZ was that simple, but it’ll be worth it.

I also got a chance to see Frozen… twice now… I often joke about being 28 going on 9… it’s more like 6 or 7. I’ve bought the soundtrack (deluxe ed. of course) and sing it to work and from work and at work and while I’m cooking. Yeah, so pretty much all the time. I’ve had a little diva crush on Idina Menzel for some time now. I’ve always been very impressed with her voice, and a little jealous that I never kept up with my vocal training, but I’m content to enjoy the talents of others and sing along as best I can.

Well that’s enough update for now. I’ve had a big weekend, so big I missed the party I’d been looking forward to for weeks. (That was heartbreaking.) I’m going to wrap this up now and try catch up on some sleep.