Beauty for Brunch

So I had a lady-date this weekend just gone. It was a casual brunch, so I decided to do a simple yet still glamorous look.

Here’s what I fished out of my make-up drawer this week:

Mary Kay Lip Lacquer in Chai Latte

Mineral cheek colour in Silk Nectar (it’s from an old MK range.) I love the way you can blend it.

Mineral eye colours in (from left to right) Sweet Cream, Precious Pink and Chocolate Kiss.

WP_20140112_003 WP_20140112_016

So once I had my foundation on, I went straight to the lip brush and put my Chai Latte on…. Dunno why, just felt like it I guess.

WP_20140112_004Oh, so shiny! ^_^ I also applied my blush soon after, and proceeded straight to the eye colours.

So, start with the sweet cream, right up to the brow bone…

WP_20140112_004 WP_20140112_006

Then Precious Pink for a beautiful girly tone.


The Chocolate Kiss dresses it up a little, but I kept it conservitive (well for me.) It is brunch after all….

WP_20140112_008 WP_20140112_009

So now to Eye liner and Mascara, and can you see what I did here? That’s right, sunlight, plus powder in the air, I SNEEZED! Thank goodness for spectacular eye make-up remover.


I’ll definitely do a tutorial on how to un-stuff a mascara blink! Here’s how I looked after fixing it all up.

WP_20140112_012WP_20140112_013 WP_20140112_015

Thanks for dropping by! I have a costume party this weekend, so next weeks beauty post could be really out there! Alas, I’m also on call for the lab, so we’ll just have to see how it all plays out…

See you again soon ^_^


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