Everyday Words: Quixotic!

I’ve been throwing this idea around for a little while too. I’ve always considered myself a bit of a wordsmith, and as such I’d like to share a word each week and will proceed to abuse it in the following week, and encourage you to do so as well. ^_^

So the first word I’d like to go with is quixotic. Frankly it’s a word I’ve used to describe myself and my behaviours in the past, then enjoy some quality smugness when I get blank responses, but I’d like to amend that. I want the world to use this word more often and as such they need to use it correctly and know the meaning of it.

The definition if you use it as an emotive is as follows:

1. Extravagantly chivalrous or romantic; visionary or impractical.

2. Resembling or befitting Don Quixote.

The definition per the Oxford dictionary:

extremely idealistic; unrealistic and impractical: a vast and perhaps quixotic project

I must be a hardcore silver-lining girl, as I needed to have a pointed out to me that really it’s more often meant as an insult, however I continue to refer to myself as being, feeling and having ideas that are quixotic, but then everyday I don’t wake up in a musical is well…. disappointing, and then I have coffee and go to work, cos you know, real life and all that.

Also pronunciation, thanks muchly to my “Daily Mood,” flip book which lives on my desk I have little this phonetic for you to go forth and share the word of the week!


So, not to be confused with the way Don Quixote’s name is pronounced. I often think sometimes after a Disney movie, “How delightfully quixotic.” and then the words I actually say are more like “heh, that would never happen in the real world, but I would certainly enjoy random bursts into song.” but then as you can tell, I’m rather partial to the meaning “Extravagantly chivalrous or romantic,” and have always wanted to be a person who lives an over the top life, with extravagance and the best I can have of everything. Granted my blog is (aiming to be) about finding magic in everyday life, so perhaps I should go with the way my brain talks to me as apposed to how it’s filtered more often.

Now, if you have an idea this week that is completely impractical, perhaps you’re planning a surprise of some kind? May I suggest you define your idea  as quixotic!

Have a lovely weekend!




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