Why so blue? We have an “Ocean View.”

So alas, I didn’t get to the costume party on the weekend, and I had a toddler-style melt down about it. (Seriously, there were tears.) Luckily a little while ago I was playing with another of the Mary Kay @Play collection.  And here it is Ocean Blue,  oooooh shiney ^_^

WP_20140105_014 WP_20140105_013

And in case you haven’t picked up on it, I love shiney ^_^ so starting with the gorgeous silver all the way up to the brow bone we go:


and then the middle colour over the lid, still plenty of shiney ^_^

WP_20140105_003 WP_20140105_004

and of course the darker shade of blue to the sides with a bit of angle for definition.

WP_20140105_005 WP_20140105_006

Of course we need to finish off with eyeliner and mascara, again I’ve only put the eyeliner on the bottom lash line.

WP_20140105_012 And here I am, all dressed for lunch with the girls. I went for the Chai Latte lacquer again, but there’s a whisper of lip liner underneath it, which is why it looks a little darker than last week’s brunch post.

Cheers lovelies!


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