Beauty out of the Bag.

Hello again darlings,

I’m a bit topsy-turvy this week, and so I’m putting up the beauty post today and Kitchen a little later in the week, when I’ve had a chance to be a good wife and actually cook something worthy of display. So, on the topic of topsy-turvy, I wasn’t very organised, but it presented a fabulous opportunity. I keep these old favourites in my bag, just in case I haven’t got my travel brushes on me, and this weekend I was on the Gold Coast visiting my girlfriend who’s just got home from Europe (appropriate that these products have green packaging….), and me-oh-my without my brushes, so I used the contents of my handbag to get my face on ^_^

So here’s what I plucked out of my bag:

MK Art of Nature Liquid eyWP_20140125_001e colours in Pearl and Sandstone.

MK Art of Nature Cheek colour in Pink Pearl.

MK Signature Eyeliner in Sable (It’s ancient….)

MK creme lipstick in Copper Star.

MK Lash Love in Black (of course).

Starting with the eyes, using the lighter colour applied pretty much on the whole eye lid and up to the brow bone, you can be a little more sparing if you prefer, but if you saw how much make-up I have you’d understand why I just use plenty and blend it all in. (This stuff is awesome-shiney!) Now it is a liquid eye colour, and because of how I like it, I give it a chance to dry and apply cheek and eye liner before going on to the second accent eye colour. Now you see the application tip to the liquid eye colour is technically a brush, so I guess I wasn’t entirely brush-less, but then anything liquid needs some kind of application tool, and the blush was done with my ring finger, and the ring finger because it has the least muscular strength, and you want to be gentle with your face.


The second colour “Sandstone,” is applied to the crease to give it all some definition and depth like so:


Cheeks, lips and mascara finishes it off:

Et voila! The face that comes from my handbag! Shame I didn’t do something about the hair, lol…WP_20140125_011

Thanks for dropping by!


P.S. I was going to call this Bag-lady-beauty but it just sounded wrong….


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