Turkish Lamb and Apricot Stew

WP_20140131_011So, dinner the other night was absolutely delicious! We had this Turkish Lamb and Apricot Stew, which was out of The Ultimate Healthy Eating Cookbook that I borrowed/temporarily stole from J. Not that it was especially healthy to have it with a Vodka and Blood Orange drink…

It all started by cutting up one large eggplant and putting it in a colander then salting it and leaving to rest, the book says at least 30 minutes to rest, but frankly, I didn’t time it, because I was pretty hungry by this time and I just carried on with getting the stew going.



In the big pot it’s time for sunflower oil and garlic and onion, cook them up for about 5 minutes…. and boy did it smell awesome… thankfully I had my also rather hungry husband so he was helping me by making sure nothing stuck to the pan while I kept cutting onions and measuring things out. Having done this one once, my hindsight informs you that this is definitely one of those recipes that’s best to do all the chopping and measuring after you’ve got the eggplant, it would probably get close to 30 minutes.

So, after the garlic and onions, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and 3 cloves, stir that around for about a minute, then throw in half a kilo of cubed lamb, cook it for about 5 minutes until it’s all browned up and tasty then rinse the eggplant, pat it dry and throw that in too and stir it around a bit, the book said 3 minutes. Then we threw in a 400g tin of tomatoes, 1+1/4 cups of water and 2/3 cup of dried apricots. Stir it all together, bring it to the boil, put a lid on it and go do something else for 30-45 minutes.


After it’s got itself all stew-ey put in a bit over half a tin of chick peas, about 2/3 cup, and a teaspoon or two of honey and stir it all in, let it sit a another 10 or so minutes. It’s ready as WP_20140131_007soon as the lamb is tender, I think it would have been fully cooked before the honey and chick-peas went in. Then serve it up with couscous.

Delicious! A little time consuming… but somehow I’m disinclined to try my usual, cut it all up and throw it in a slow cooker style, its worth processing all the flavours into the lamb over heat.

See you again soon food lovers!



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