Zucchini Agrodolce

Really I just had fancy vegetables…. So, cooking from the collection of borrowed books I’m taking this one from the Maggie Beer special on Verjuice, incidentally she also had a footnote on serving it with buttery spinach, so I did that too.


Right so let’s go through the buttery spinach first. Here’s all it was:


Now Maggie suggests grating a fresh nutmeg, but I had no idea where to even look for one of those, and I knew I had some of the other gear in the pantry, so, butter in a pan, throw the spinach in, (I used the whole 150g bag, and being spinach it reduced down quite a bit.) Season with nutmeg, pepper and a dash of verjuice. Yummy ^_^


Now, the Zucchini Agrodolce, thankfully I read the recipe and then started it before anything else due to Step One: Cut the (1/2 kg) zucchini up in to the thick rounds, rinse then salt and leave for an hour (coincidentally, that’s how long the Chicken took to roast.)


After the hour is up, rinse the zucchini and pat it try with some paper towel, then heat in a pan 4 tablespoons of fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Maggie is all about flavour and the quality of the freshest ingredients you can get. She’s very impressive to watch cook live.) Once the pan is at temperature put the zucchini in. Dry zucchini means less oil-meets-water-pain. Cover and cook for 5 minutes then season with cinnamon, pepper and more salt if you like.  I stirred that around for a few minutes then added 3 tablespoons of the verjuice, turned the heat up and stirred it about as it got all syrup-y, then left it a little longer to get even more syrup-y ^_^


And then I served the lot with Roast chicken and Honey Sesame Carrots, Delicious ^_^


So tasty, so decadent…. I hope my dietician never sees me doing this to vegetables, that much oil and butter… it’s too tasty to still be healthy….

Thanks for popping by!


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