Vintage Make-up!

There’s no denying that I do enjoy “over doing” my make-up and the recent boom in vintage style and fashion has suited me, quite fine, so I say, “Thank you Hipsters!” I thought I’d pull out this dramatic style for a gathering of ladies whom I was meeting for the first time. I’d been talked up as a Make-up person to this new crowd and when I’d washed my face and opened the make up drawer, I knew it was a vintage day soon as I saw that old crappy black eyeliner that I need to throw out, but can’t help wanting to use up. To some degree, black is black and I was only going to be out for a few hours, so I just hoped for the best with this eyeliner and the ‘quite warm on Saturday’, Brisbane weather.

So, here’s this week’s line-up:


With Vintage it’s as much Black eyeliner as you can spare! This one I got off a magazine cover, so I have no idea what brand it is…. but I’m glad I didn’t pay for it! I needs sharpening every five seconds, and I like a sharp line, so well, I guess it’s inferior-ness will be used up sooner rather than later.

Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara in black and Primer (per usual). As it was quite humid on the weekend I made a point of letting the primer settle or dry or whatever.

The lips are Poppy, which is an SPF Lip balm by Mary Kay that sadly is not longer in production.

Our eye palette today is Spun Silk, Dusty Lilac and Amber Blaze, a funny combination I know, but I was going for maximum shiney!

WP_20140208_038  So the Spun Silk up to the brow bone and Dusty Lilac on the lid. I love this photo where the light is really hitting my left side, you can see clearly where the Spun Silk meets the Dusty Lilac, not to mention I just redid my blonde an it looks pretty much ethereal near the light purple. The sleep deprivation doesn’t look as bad as I thought, lol!


Now the Amber Blaze I chose because 1) I like the contrast it has against my eye colour and 2) I was wearing a stone coloured wrap that day that it always looks great with.

So I started simple, then decided to go bigger, nothing to lose and all that! Instead of doing my usual “C” style I made the accent a solid triangle.

WP_20140208_040 WP_20140208_041WP_20140208_042

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand now Eyeliner! The thing is making them match as symmetrically as humanly possible. I do one, decide if I like it, then measure out the other based off the eyebrow and “dot it out.”


Yep, about there…


I seem pretty happy with how that’s lined up…


No idea what happened to the light here, but I love it ^_^


So there you have it hunnies, that it pretty much how I do a vintage look and A MUST is the redREDred!!! Those lips just speak for themselves, don’t they just make the look rock!?!?! I love that lip balm it’s so moisturising and holds it’s colour so well, not to mention it’s such a rich colour!

Have a beautiful week darlings! Thanks for popping by!



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