Chilli Chicken Couscous.

So, the first thing I want to say about this recipe is: too much! I have tubs of it in the freezer and a huge tub of couscous that it just didn’t need, but I’ll do something with that later. (I’m thinking about bacon, chives and sour cream…) Maybe it’s not such a bad thing seeing as I’m away for a bit soon. The man will have ready to go dinners. Anyway, Chilli Chicken Couscous. This recipe was from the book I pilfered from my girlfriend and it’s all about healthy eating, and after the decadent veggies and roast last week, healthy eating was certainly a good idea. To get the ball rolling I put the couscous to soak in boiling water and set it aside. The book said half an hour which is a good ball-park time, but I don’t have a timer, so I don’t know how much it got.  So, diced chicken in the pan, then once it was looking nice and brown I threw in the chopped up zucchini and  yellow capsicum with a tablespoon of chilli.


My palette isn’t very strong at the moment so I opted for the mild chilli when I was at the shops. I’m using the gourmet garden herbs again…. I’m rather fond of them…. Once the veggies are getting a bit soft we can throw in a tin of chick peas (drained), and a large tomato diced up.  Stir that around and cook a little while to soften the chick peas.


Frankly I could have just eaten it like that, but I carried on with the recipe and added the couscous, but only half of what I had cooked up. Et voilà! Chilli Chicken Couscous 😃

WP_20140210_009 WP_20140210_011

Thanks for dropping by!!!


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