Scotch Fillet with Verjuice Sauce and Sweet Potato.

The Pictures for this cooking experiment is saved under “Amaze-balls Steak.” It was just soooooo tasty! It wasn’t a quick meal at all. I think the verjuice sauce alone took almost an hour to reduce, but by jingo, by the time it was done the tangy-meets-salty flavour was just…. well, amazeballs.

So, let’s see:

The spring onions or shallots – it said 10, but I only used about 5 because I was only cooking for 2- I chopped as finely as I was able, (I’m not exactly a whiz z with a knife) then into the pot with the Verjuice (I’m in love with this product now!) and half a litre of beef stock.

WP_20140212_003 WP_20140212_004WP_20140212_005

Next I started on the “Potato chips,” it was as simple as slicing the potato very thinly and shallow frying them, then resting them on kitchen paper to soak up some of the oil (I am on a diet after all!) and I used the same oil that Maggie Beer suggested for the Zucchini recipe, and I think that really helped flavouring the spuds, and the Verjuice sauce is continuing to bubble away. It needs to reduce quite a bit, so that’s what I mean by not a quick meal.


Right, now as you know, despite being a scientist and very methodical, I just couldn’t follow the recipe for the sweet potatoes. Maggie wanted me to roast them, then peel and mash them…. it was a mid-week night, and I’m much lazier than that. So cooked them Lazy-L style, but still used all the ingredients that she stated and they worked magically and indeed if I’m ever making a sweet potato mash and I have the time to do it the way Maggie says, I’ll totally give it a try!

Now, the Scotch Fillet steaks, I like mine done medium rare, and honestly I think it’s the best steaks I’ve ever cooked. Only in a little bit of oil, and a little bit of salt. The sauce is reducing very nicely. And then it was time to plate up!

WP_20140212_012 WP_20140212_011

So sweet potato mash on one side, then steak in the middle resting on the sweet potato, potato chips sitting on top, then drizzled the sauce all over.



Thanks for popping by again,




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