Holiday Eyes!

Hi again!

So as I told you last week I’ve been traveling around for the last few weeks, a weekend retreat with my husband for our anniversary and Valentine’s day… (gawd, that feels like it was ages ago now….) then up to North Queensland, home for 24 hours then down to the Melbourne hospital for a meeting. CRAZY! I haven’t had a month like this … ever. I’ve got half a morning to catch my breath hence double-whammy-blog-day!

Now, when I’m away I like to take a bronzing powder because I’m so naturally pale, I don’t really tan, and it’s been a long time since I’ve had a sunburn, but I do pink up a bit if I have seen too much sun. So here’s my Holi-Day-Time look.

Now the key product is actually last season’s Mineral Bronzing Powder in “Desert Sun,” which has a shimmer. I love that it has a split colour because when I travel, this one item does a whole set of eye, and a nice cheek glow! I’m a waste not want not kind of girl, so I’ll be using it up as much as I can to make room for the New MK Mineral Bronzing Powders!!!


So, from the palette, top layer, colour the whole eye lid with it! Now the lighting at this place wasn’t especially fantastic, so you’ll have to forgive the lack of quality in these shots. I love the shimmer for the eyes, makes the look nice an light for a day lounging around with cocktails by the pool or jumping in a kayak, it says relaxed, but polished, and when you’re on holidays you don’t want to stuff around in the bathroom. You just want to get in, get out and enjoy the day!


Moving along, here’s the second layer from the bronzer palette, and contouring to create a little bit of shape, but still look casual. I try to keep it so that at the side it looks like the palette.


And here’s how it looks with eye liner and mascara. Just a little of each because we’re on holidays and it’s the one time I don’t overdress.


I finished it off with a Warm Coral Lip Glaze from last summer’s range, and a light pink blush, that has a hint of shimmer.


So, there you have a nice simple holiday look that keeps your travel make-up light on the face and light for the carry-on!

See you again soon darlings!



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