Marching Forward…

Hello darlings,

The last few weeks have been absolutely cray-cray! The insanity of it thankfully then timed into the Wedding anniversary trips that we planned at the start of the year. I’m excited to tell you that I’ll be doing a blog review of our trip to New Zealand’s North Island, just need sometime to sit down and put it all down, and considering I’ve also taken up a new hobby, and my dog is still as demanding as he ever was, it may take me a while.  So now that I’m home I’ll be getting the blog back into swing.

So, I think you’ll be happy to hear that I’m going ahead with the cheese plans (so buckle up, cos I’m almost 3 weeks behind,) that I made for Kitchen in March so you know, cheese overload, and I’m pretty predictable, so I guess you know where I’m going with Easter and April. Oh, and I’m hatching plans for beautiful things as well to catch up for March. I’m going to start looking at more than just colour make-up, but talk a little about skin care and other pretty things. So yeah, crazy times have happened and now I just want to re-insert some normality into life again, but more importantly I need to not be so busy, and as such am making plans to make less plans.

With that my lovelies, I must run to work and find out how rest of my week looks, collect phones and books and what-not.

Catch ya again soon.


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