OMG! Where did March Go?

No seriously? Where did it go? We’re two weeks into April and I can count the number of meals I have cooked on one hand this month, so that explains why the food blog has dropped off the radar. It’s freaking frustrating, which probably lead to the cold I think I’m finally getting over as of tonight…. A part of my “distraction” is that I’m helping my parents out by playing a role in my Grandmother’s care-plan, so there’s been a few late night’s at their place. Then couple that with late shifts at the lab and full on weekends where my make-up really has been express, cos I have minutes to do it, and get out the door, or have people show up at mine. As such I’ve decided to not plan any events at my house for a while, which gives the rest of the gang a chance to have events of their own, and me a chance to chill out when weekends have nothing planned on it…. I’m looking forward to one soon. I’m keen to put a few more kilometers on the motorbike. It hasn’t been getting much love lately. We washed all the babies on Saturday morning, so I said to my husband, “leave Natasha out, I’ll take her to work a few times this week.” …… cue 5 days of rain on the forecast…. /facepalm.

So that’s been me for the last little while. Mostly exhaustion and being overbooked. Still I managed to get to the dietician who gave me another good report, and to the optometrist twice to get a re-evaluation of my disease progress and new prescription to help control it, so huzzah new frames. (Note to self, do a “New frames selfie” when feeling less haggard…) Got the first negative blood test results since the “health drama” that started back in December, which I’ll tell you about some time. It’s full steam ahead for the ski-trip plans in August/September and SUPER FULL STEAM for the wedding in September that I’m super excited to be a part of.

But as exhaustion and schedules persist in controlling me, I’m going to keep this update short, and hopefully post some beauty stuff later in the week! I’m only 6 behind schedule…. and food as well… At least I have a long weekend coming up, I could knock them all out and catch up to by the end of April. Lol, let’s see how I go ^_^ For now I’m just going to chill out in my clog slippers. Take care lovelies ^_^



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