Smells like Gratitude.

So recently, I did something which I didn’t really think was much at the time (it was just something I personally had to do, because ya know.. had to), but my time and effort was really appreciated and as a Thank-You for my time and effort I received this gorgeous perfume gift set.


Now to start with, it came in this cute little black clutch, and I’m a girl who can always put a clutch to use. I love this one for the texture on it. There are black clutch purses and there are black clutch purses who aren’t boring and plain black clutch processes. The texture gives it dimension. I love that it has dimension!


The 5 miniatures that came in the Estēe Lauder gift set were, Beautiful, Pure White Linen, Sensuous, Pleasures and Intense Pleasures.


Before receiving this set I was only familiar with Beautiful, mostly due to its highly effective advertising campaign when I was about 12-14. I remember being a young girl and liking that ad, and the kind of man in the ad who was buying perfume for his lady…. Now that I’m grown up enough to wear perfume, I’m actually pleased that my man doesn’t buy me perfume, it’s just not our “Couple Style.” Having said that, I wouldn’t turn it away if he suddenly decided to add to my collection, and it’s quite a collection. Between selling cosmetics and having an appreciation for perfumery, I have quite a nice range and as such a desire to use it up while it’s all still in its prime, because perfume does indeed expire. It’s to do with the compounds that make it up and they will break down over time.

So far Pure White Linen is making it to the handbag the most. It’s a nice fresh crisp scent, but is still a little floral, so it’s suitable for daily use. And that’s another thing I love about miniatures, handbag size. I’m sure I’ll have more to say about the others as they make it into the handbag ^_^

Thanks again for popping by!

See you again soon,




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