Return to the Kitchen: Tortilla Stack.

Hello Hunnies,

Welcome back to the Kitchen! Now, I know  I’m at least 6 weeks behind, and it might take me a while to gather and do all the cheese plans, and month themes that I was hoping on, but I have finally cooked something, so here’s an old fave of mine, and I threw an experimental twist onto it. I used to make this a lot for a cafe I worked in when I was a student. So here we go:


1 x pack of tortillas, I like the flour based ones, and the pack had 8 in it.

1 x bag of baby spinach leaves

1 x sweet potato (peel, slice, cook)

1 x chicken breast (pre-cook and slice)

1 x mediteranean herb blend

1 x bacon

1 x grated cheese

any sauces to taste. Don’t laugh but I used whole egg mayo.

So put down some grease-proof paper on a baking tray, spray it with a bit of oil first, and lay down your first tortilla.  Put down the first layer, I like to start with the sweet potato, then drop another tortilla layer down, give it a little spread of mayo (don’t ask me how it works, it just does,) then baby spinach. Put another tortilla down and then a layer of BACON, and sprinkle with cheese.

WP_20140419_001WP_20140419_002 WP_20140419_003

Now another layer of sweet potato and then mix the mediteranean herbs into the chicken slices until well coated and put that into the next layer.


The next layers I like to do are another layer of baby spinach, more BACON, and on the last layer I spread it with the rest of the Mediterranean herb mix.

WP_20140419_007  WP_20140419_008WP_20140419_010

Sprinkle it with more cheese, then bake for about 20 minutes, just till it goldens up. We’ve already prenuked the sweet potato, the chicken is cooked, so it only needs to be in there long enough for the bacon and that doesn’t take much. And here’s a few before and after shots for you…. mmmmmmmmmmmmm Bacon…

WP_20140419_011 WP_20140419_013  WP_20140419_012WP_20140419_014

Another husband approved meal!

See again soon hunnies!



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