This is SO going in my BLOG!

It’s gonna be Legen……wait for it…… dary. Yeah! Legendary!

Yeah, I’ve heard that a lot lately, I started re-watching all the DVDs I have for ‘How I Met Your Mother’ about 9 months ago, and consequently I’ve been throwing a lot of quotes around since then. In the episode where Ted and Barney are competing with their lists of conquests, then Marshal says, “Yeah, I’ve got a list, it’s called my marriage license.” then he and Lilly Hi-5, my husband and I also giggled then also Hi-5’d. (Sigh, We embody life imitating TV.) Thankfully I caught myself up in time for the series finale (Don’t worry, no spoilers.)

I’ve been thinking about why certain characters are relatable to people in the general sense, and how many characters I personally identify with. It’s like when Sex in the City started and all the girls I worked with were trying to work out who of the “Fab Four,” they were most like, but I’m curious about thinking through HIMYM and seeing if I adore it simply because I have similar people in my life.

We definitely have a Ted, and at least a few more with Ted qualities. Now I wouldn’t go so far as to say they’re hopeless romantics, but they’re certainly on the look-out for their perfect match. Thankfully none of them are as Ted-crazy, but I would like to see one steal a blue french horn for a woman. That would be awesome… It needs to be pointed out though that Ted’s most annoying thing is how he corrects people. That’s me, in our group, I’m the annoying know it all, especially on pronunciation and use of the right word in the right context. I’m lenient on one dude, and he’s dyslexic. Anyone else and all bets are off. I can’t help it, and it’s easier not to try.

I think it’s safe to say, everyone knows at least one Barney, or have people who’ve been influenced by it a bit, failing that people who want that lifestyle. Barney has given us some many awesome catch-phrases. many of which I’m guilty of using a few, I’m especially fond of “Suit Up,”  I call a lot of my dude-friends “Bro,” I could try and put someone in my group in the Barney slot, but I think everyone has a little Barney in them… wow, that’s filthy…. nah, leaving it in… It’s what Barney would want.

I relate fairly well to Lily and Marshall. It’s been said once or twice that we’re that couple in our group, but I wouldn’t go that far, we’re not that cute, and my husband isn’t a big girl like Marshall is. We don’t have pet names like Lily-pad and Marsh-mallow, we probably only get told this because we’re the longest standing couple in our group, having been together 11 years and married for the last four. I must say though, I do try and find new girlfriends for me in the hopes that any new ‘she’ will be good friends or maybe more with a few of the “Ted’s.” I’m most certainly meddlesome like Lily, and so is another girl in our group. Maybe the show’s character is just more exaggerated than we would ever be. Ironically my husband finds her annoying.

Robin, there’s only one person in our group whose situation I could compare to Robin’s (and she just got a dog,) but in terms of behaviour and personality, not so much, so it doesn’t really count, but I might just change her ringtone to “Let’s go to the Mall,”…. cos I’ll find it funny…

I wonder though, how many other people find themselves watching shows because they relate to a character, or like this one for me, is it just because I find it so stupidly funny?

Who from the show do you relate to the most?



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