Beauty: Digging for gold.

So I had to do something about my top make-up drawer. I have one case for Lipsticks, another for nail polishes and the drawer is predominantly for eye stuff, seeing as I have so much of it, but also assorted skin care stuff. Here’s the mess I started with.


See, there’s all sorts of stuff all over the shop. Some of it dates back to high school, I can see at least one item in there that’s possibly as old as I am…. First I sorted the boring stuff like the travel toothbrush cases and the rolled up pressure bandage to the back, then went looking for other ‘non make-up’ items. Apparently I have a large stash of bobby pins for someone who is considerably lazy with her hair.


Then there’s a creme foundation palette, and a few old formula samples that I use up when I’m traveling. They’re especially good for holidays when I’ve picked up a bit of a tan, because then I can blend a few shades to get a perfect match. They’re also good for when I have a girlfriend around who wants me to do their make-up.  There were also a few lip balms which will probably end up lost in my handbag or locker at work. Then there were the old blue and black lashes…. probably should have thrown them out, and an old razor that actually has some spare blades. Lucky find ^_^


WP_20140420_007 WP_20140420_006

Now this little stash is all lip products, 7 lipsticks and an old liner…. they went straight to the lip case, and I discovered there that it too, could do with a sort.


More useful things, probably the real gold, as it’s stuff I should be using more often, assorted skin care. A pleasant stash of applicator brushes and foundation paraphernalia are always welcome in my bathroom. I’m pretty happy to find those foundation highlighter pens too.

WP_20140420_009 WP_20140420_010

Now here’s the real gold: The Eye stash! Because life is better in colour! In the next few weeks I’m going to see what’s worth keeping, and then hopefully remove it from the drawer by using it up. The larger palette was actually in a gift bag from a movie event. I hung onto it because there’s some pretty striking colours, and it’s good for short parties. I doesn’t last like the products I’m used to.


This is how the drawer ended up, which may just look like organised chaos, but what works is that I know how it’s organised now as opposed to just all thrown in.


That multi-pallette will probably end up tucked down the side soon…

Looking forward to putting some of that gold to use.

Thanks for popping by lovelies!



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