Kitchen Inventing: Moroccan Mushroom Pork

OK, I’m having another go at creating something new, and when I go to my fridge the first thing I see is the shelf with all the Gourmet Garden herb mixes, and they do expire once they’re open, so I’d better put them to use. The Moroccan is open and I have some CousCous in the freezer from when I made a batch far too large, and a bag of mushrooms that will start to turn shortly. Sounds like a plan to me. A plan I can throw together and chuck in a slow cooker. Let’s start with some diced up Pork loin…


A throw in some mushrooms and shallots.

WP_20140421_003 WP_20140421_005

Now stir it all together with the herb blend and some cream.

WP_20140421_004 WP_20140421_006

And we’re trying to be healthy, so carrots,


After 6 hours stir in some peas and couscous.

WP_20140421_009 WP_20140421_010

Yummy, and all ready for a work lunch!

See you again soon lovelies.



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