Beauty: Novelty Nails.

So, I have a heap of nail polish colours. And they have started busting out of their box. I did a thing a little while back where I asked my Facebook friends to pick a colour for me to do my nails, in an effort to try and use up a few colours (to make room for more of course). It was my Thursday night routine for a few weeks steady last year. Last weekend when I was reorganising my make-up drawer I also pulled out the  nail polish box and lined up all the colours that were in it at the time, sorting them into monochrome, red/pink/yellow, and blue/green/purples. WP_20140420_014 WP_20140420_015 WP_20140420_016

I was in the mood for a blue/green/purple so I posted the range on Facebook and put the question to my friends to pick me a colour, and the shiney blue in the middle with the pink cap got picked first. I felt like doing something a bit more, so seeing ask had all my polishes out in front of me, I decided to give them silver tips. You may have seen it on instagram.


The post got a lot of comments, and a lot of discussion about our collective love for the colour purple. There was also one random suggestion of yellow, so last night I did this:

WP_20140426_004 WP_20140426_005

and then this morning I had some spare time, so took it one step further.

WP_20140427_001 WP_20140427_002

The dots were done just by using the end of a regular paintbrush. Hopefully I’ll do some more cool nail stuff again soon!!!

Thanks for popping by!




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