Kitchen: Caesar’s Fish!

So dinner tonight was super simple and super tasty!!! I had a few Basa fish fillets in the freezer and I thought they were going to start getting freezer burn, which meant I had to put them to good use. I love this try anything year, because ordinarily this is a recipe I would have glazed over and bothered with, and Oh Em Gee!!! I’m so glad I did!

So the unsuspecting heroes of this dish are Caesar salad dressing and corn flakes…


I don’t know why I measured out the cup of corn flakes into a bowl, but it was good and I’ll tell you why in a tick.

So baking dish, lined with paper to cut down on the dishes, lay the fillets out, drizzle with the Caesar dressing (about half a cup), then coat the fish with the corn flakes.  The bowl was a good idea at this point as I was able to grab the corn flakes and crumble them up all over the fish, then bake.


about 10 minutes in, take the pan out of the over sprinkle it with cheese and bake it until the fish is cooked through and the cheese is browning.


Delicious!!! And it masquerades as a healthy meal when you serve it with salad!


See you again for more delicious-ness!




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