Working from home.

Or am I?
Not right now…. I did have a 20 minute blog break scheduled for later today, but after 3 cups of coffee I’m still struggling to get any momentum for the tasks I have scheduled for today. The conditions of my work from home day are simple:

a) do my set number of hours, into overtime if appropriate,

b) do as much as I can in those hours,

c) answer my phone and assist with any technical problems I’m able to,

d) be able to come into the lab if called between 6 and 8am to relieve any roster shortages.

I’ve said before I have the best working conditions a girl could hope for and with the bollocks-load of reviews that I have on my schedule this year I’m ever so grateful for them. I put a few extra conditions and rules on myself to ensure productivity.

1/ No Facebook, it’s like a fridge, no matter how much you look at it, nothing fantastically new will appear if you keep checking it, and those little games are a black hole for productivity.

2/ Pots of tea and/or coffee are smarter than getting up to boil the kettle every half hour.

3/ When you feel the caffeine ceiling stop with the coffee and swap to green tea, still stimulating but not as high-power.

4/ You’re not getting paid to clean your desk, don’t count that shuffling time in your work-hours. (It’s a mess, really, It’s no wonder my small business isn’t thriving.

At least on a day like today I can potter about and still get the hours done as opposed to being at work at 7am, then trying to poach work off other benches so as to not do the work that my brain can’t handle yet. Sure the work I would assist with would be useful and appreciated, but it’s more important (for the greater good) that I get this work done, or at least 8 hours of it. More if I have enough brain power to continue. Having said that, my brain power just now, was playing with my sonic screwdriver…. I had to put it in the lounge and out of the office…

Does anyone have any “work from home” rules that improve their productivity? I’d love some suggestions ^_^ I seem to be struggling today…but at least I’m dressed for success… well my face is…


2 thoughts on “Working from home.

    • Hah, Great idea, but it really is too cold. Axl does sit at the top of the stairs and stares back across at me. I do a lot of getting up for tea, but an icy dip would certainly be refreshing ^_^

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