Kitchen: Peanut butter cookies.

I was looking for an easy gluten-free treat to take to tupperware parties and afternoon teas, and I’m getting to know quite a few coeliacs, and this little number is quite tasty, and has a delightful mix of salty and sweet. This recipe is so incredibly simple, and super quick, so I’ve got a feeling it will be a regular for work tea parties and such. Another gem from the 4 ingredients book, and here are the 4 ingredients I needed:

1 cup Peanut butter, 1 tsp. Cinnamon, 1 cup Sugar and an Egg.

Now, old habits die hard, so I put the dry ingredients in first, and then the rest.


Then give it a good stir and spoon it onto an oven tray:

WP_20140427_013 WP_20140427_014

Bake em for 10 minutes on 180 deg. Celc. (I’m in a fan forced so I used 160 deg. Celc) They come out looking like this:


My…. that was quick… and they were a huge hit on the weekend! Super happy with this one!

Slowly catching up to my food blog targets. Hopefully you’re all enjoying the catch up recipes!

See you again soon!



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