Beauty: Out of the drawer.

A few weeks back I cleaned out my make-up drawer, in an effort to find out if there was any hidden treasure in there, and I ended up using a few old items that hadn’t seen the light of day in a while.

I must say I was pretty amused at what I put together and so were some of my friends, I got a lot of compliments when I got to work that day. I can’t leave food on a plate and I can’t abandon old make-up that’s still useable!

Here are the eye products I found for this look: they were two old limited edition Mary Kay loose powder eye shadows and a Maybelline creme eye shadow stick, that’s probably over 10 years old.


Some kind of autopilot was on, so I already had eyeliner on when I started my make-up.

The two MK colours were a great base and here’s how I positioned them:

WP_20140429_003 WP_20140429_005

And then the creme eyeshadow I applied with an angular slant. I don’t know what I did when I looked at the camera, but my right eye looks better than my right in every photo, for every layer. I must say for a product that I should have thrown out the second, third or fourth time I moved house, it’s doing really well. I’ll probably put it into high rotation and finally use it all up.

WP_20140429_006 WP_20140429_007

Gee I look tired…. I should get some quality sleep before I do another one of these!

So here’s the finished look, I wanted the emphasis on the eyes, so I went with a pale shade of pink on the lips and was half way to work before I even realised I’d forgotten blush. Leaving the eyes as the emphasis worked, because the comments I got were all eyes, and a light swish of mascara finished it off brilliantly.


I’d love to know what you guys think of this look. Feel free to comment below.

See you again soon,

❤ L.




2 thoughts on “Beauty: Out of the drawer.

    • Thank you! I’ve been a consultant for over 10 years. Just casually now that I’m working in science, but after 10 years I’ve accumulated a lot of make-up ^_^ Hopefully you’ll enjoy more of my posts ^_^

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