Beauty: New mascara day!

I love new mascara day! There’s just something about fresh mascara I can’t explain how or why I love opening a fresh mascara. It’s probably all psychological, something about the way it glides on, maybe it’s got a smell, like new car smell, or new baby smell, but new mascara smell… ah who am I kidding, my mascaras don’t really have a scent as such.

Being a Mary Kay consultant I always have a heap of mascara on hand. I order a lot in advance, so when they change formulas and brush types I don’t worry about clearing the stock. I’ll just put less in my next stock order. I once knew someone who said they’d never thrown out a mascara, and I don’t mean like the black holes that lip balms disappear into, so then you replace it. This person had the same mascara for 5 years. My first thought was how was there any left after that long? Of course that’s my first thought, I scrape mine pretty much dry, so I’ve never seen a mascara that old, but I assume surely by that stage it would be getting dry or clumpy or both… but that’s not what I want to talk about.

One of the first things I learned about make-up in the technical sense was to replace mascara every 3 months. That means new season, new mascara, or in my case month before. The reason for this mascara hygiene. I wear contact lenses, which means I need to be meticulous about the hygiene of my eye products, so you’ll never see me put eyeliner on the inside of the waterline. So, having said that here’s why you should regularly change your mascara:

 BUGS! Tiny little bugs.

I have a degree in microbiology so it hits home for me. Microbes were my whole uni career. My field of work is all cells and antigens. Tiny particles and stuff. Think about it though, a mascara brush sweeps your mascara on, ever think about what it’s sweeping off? Then the brush goes back in the tube. A dark and moist environment. Think too about temperature fluctuations…  Bugs!

Now, I have a lot of customers who only have mascara for a few events a year, and for those events they want a good quality mascara. For those people I special order disposable mascara wands, so they don’t put bugs back into their mascara. Sure it stops me from selling more product but at the end of the day, I’d rather have customers who trust me and come back to me for other things like skin care than sell a few extra mascara in a year.

So the next time a cosmetic sales person give you a “funny” look when you tell them the last time you changed your mascara. Don’t judge them…. they might be thinking of flesh eating bacteria. That’s incredibly unlikely, but eye infections suck, and impaired vision sucks bad too.

Take care of yourselves!




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