Kitchen: Honey Joys!

This one takes me back to my childhood. It’s insanely simple, insanely tasty and another winner for my gluten free friend. The 4 Ingredients books are getting such a work out I’ll probably go out to the bookshop this weekend and buy another one. I hear they have one that is a gluten free special one, and it’s nice to have friends be able to eat all the food you put out at a party. That and I’d prefer to be a host who cooks everything on display, even if only for one event.

For this you’ll need honey, butter, sugar and cornflakes. Put the first three in a saucepan and stir over heat until melted and then frothy. I had the oven pre-heating while all this was going on.


Then stir in the cornflakes! Have an oven tray ready with paper cases and fill em with tasty sticky cornflake mix!


They look pretty much the same baked as they do before they go in the oven. and they taste AMAZING!

Very popular with mah ladies ^_^

Hopefully I’ll do another catch-up or two this weekend, see you again super soon!




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