Kitchen: Crunchy Turkey Bites.

I have a heap of cornflakes because I bought that box for the Honey Joys, and I’m not a breakfast cereal person…. I’ll eat just about anything for breakfast, but give breakfast cereals funny looks, so here I am with a box of cornflakes and you know how l hate waste! When I stumbled on this little gem and had the box of cornflakes there it was only natural that I jumped straight to it. This is a great recipe because its quick and tasty!

So I started with 2 eggs and half a cup of soy sauce:


Chop the Turkey into bite size nibbles:


Then put the turkey in the soy then roll in the cornflakes:


Put them on a tray then into the oven at about 180 deg Celsius:


They come out looking like this and taste just as good as they l00k. If not better…


And if you’re trying to be a little healthier it goes great with salad and in wraps.

See you again soon lovelies!





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