Kitchen: Quick and Easy Quesadillas

If I have a late shift and have all the gear in the fridge or pantry, I eat this for breakfast, and then morning tea, lunch and I pack another for afternoon break. Tasty, easy, delicious.

Start with a tortilla, any flat bread will do, and smear it with refried beans. Most supermarkets keep all the Mexican food gear together near the pasta stuff.


Then I found a packet of shredded chicken, and put some of that tasty gear onto the refried bean mix, and it wouldn’t be quesadillas without salsa and cheese!

WP_20140507_003 WP_20140507_004 WP_20140507_005

Fold it over then to the pan! Fry it up till the cheese is melty and the tortilla is browned and a little crispy.

WP_20140507_006 WP_20140507_009

Then I like mine with sour cream, and this stuff was in the aisle with the salsa. Tasty!


Go forth and enjoy awesome Mexican snacks!

See you again soon!

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