Wait! What? June?!?!?!?!

Oh, hey there…  soooo I lost another month, my own fault really since I am the crown princess of over-scheduling and over-committing… It also seems that I’m pathologically incapable of turning down work. May started off good, but somewhere halfway through I lost it. No, really lost it. I guess you could really just say I burnt-out. The style  of my crazy was not as entertaining as you’d think. I’m pretty nutsy most of the time. This Thursday just gone I had an absolute killer headache, so l decided to take care of myself and have a sick day. The day played out like this:

1/ Re-watch Star Wars Ep IV (I fell asleep watching it the night before.{ When I’m stressed it soothes me.})

2/  Watch the 3 prequels, with the dog (he’s a snugly pup).  Only leave the couch for tea, DVD changes and to reheat the hot pack.

3/ Watch Frozen again, serenade the dog.

4/ Get dinner in oven, play with dog, feed dog.

5/ Watch Star Wars Ep V & VI with the man.

6/ Back to bed.

Still had the headache by the time I got to work on Friday, but if nothing else I got some rest in.

It was a long weekend again here in sunny Queensland, and despite being on-call I’ve managed to have a call free day yesterday, which was nice after the call in I had Saturday. Not difficult, just annoying. And only because I was home for all of 15 minutes before I got called back, but I managed to make the most of it, home in time for dinner and a DVD with the boys, despite leaving then in the lurch for the afternoon.

So  wrapping up, I’m burnt-out, but the Star Wars helps. And currently Seasons 4 & 5 of Eureka.

Hopefully I’ll do a round of cooking catch-up posts soon!

Cheers, L.




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