I’ve been pondering words again. Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of “Only.” From my husband, my friends, in public, on TV, my own mouth. If my dog could talk he’d be saying it too. It’s funny too how people use it, mostly, I’m hearing examples of what borders on bribery. An act to support a case of some sorts. The other day grocery shopping I heard a mother trying to negotiate with her child, and while entertaining for me it looked exhausting for her. The toddler wanted to walk on her own, but then was jealous of the baby who was in the baby seat. There were 3 trial arrangements between the single baby seat trolley and the little girl walking, then she was trying to climb into the trolley, so the mother seeing a safety issue swapped to the dual baby seat trolley, and the little girl kicked and screamed and carried on saying that she wasn’t a baby anymore, then there was another trolley configuration. All the while the mother was negotiating, “we’ll only be 10 minutes,” “we only need to get a few things,” and when she was getting to the end of her tether, “If you’re good I’ll buy you a treat, but only if you’re good,” and as patient as the mother was, the little girl carried on. She couldn’t even be bought. I was kind of grateful to be at the checkouts when I was watching all this play out. Who knows if 10 minutes really was all it was going to be?…

In my life “Only,” is mostly being used a lot to soften the slow passage of time,  and to feel lighter about my workload at work, for example: “It’s Wednesday, Only 2 sleeps till Friday night,” and “Only 7 more working days till I have a holiday.” More often than not, “I’ll only have one more glass of wine.” Trouble is it keeps turning around on me, “I only have one free hour before I need to be in bed for work tomorrow,” “I only have a day worth of milk left in the fridge,” “I only wanted to have a nap.” “I only have a few spare days between now an October.”

And here’s the big one: If I could only have a few more spare hours between now and bed time I could write and upload all the Food blogs I cooked in April! Seriously?!?! This year is getting away from me again! The good news is that the man and I played house-tetris last weekend and my PC is way more accessible than ever before, and I can do lots of multi-tasking at my PC ^_^ I’m hoping to put all the food photos I have to good use!

See you again soon,





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