More Novelty Nails

So this has been happening…again…

In an effort to allow myself to buy myself more nail polish, I’ve been trying to use up as many colours as I can…. to make room for fresh ones. I’ve had a bit of help choosing colours. One of my men-folk suggested a rainbow:


Then after that, I tried to use up a few variations of pink…


And while I was enjoying being pretty in pink, I re-did the “baby-pink” then with a toothpick, I managed to make hearts happen:




Nawwwwwwwwwww, pretty! And then seeing as I had thrown one colour our, I treated myself to two new ones! Marlin Blue and Tangelo! I think they look awesome together… a little bit electric!


I did my nails in silver last night and used up the last of it. Hopefully I get a few more cruise-y nights and I can show off some more nails soon.

I’d love to hear any suggestions!

See you again soon,



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